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Claude Lapierre's

'88 Crewcab

My crew cab is a syncro 1988 with 120,000km. I have looked a couple of month for a decent crewcab after my GMC die. I finaly found it 2 km of my home. It was store in a garage (next to a 3,000 miles amphicar and a 10,000 miles beetle) and the owner a 85 years old guy was ready to sell it. It was not cheap but I need to have one and he was in great shape (mechanical and body). The only problem it had was a strange smell inside and that the heater's fan always blow the fuse. The problem was a mice nest in the heater's fan. I had to undo the dash completely several time and finaly I solve the problem when I put all the plastics component in the bath for the night with concentrate bleach and water.