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Gaz's Crewcab

I bought my 1975 Bay last February in England and exported it to Guernsey
where I live (get the atlas out).  I have been to two shows so far with the
van and expect to do two or three this year.

The engine was a standard recon 1600 alternator engine when I got it, but
having tried driving with a full complement of camping equipment, two adults
and two children up some steep winding hills in southern England I decider it
needed some more power.
Last year I built a 1776cc motor for it with an Engle W100 cam, Weber 40IDFs
and a 009 distributor with a Lumenition ignition unit.  Now it will wheel spin
if necessary.  I cruised at 80 on the motorway heading for last years Van Fest
even with a broken inlet valve spring.  On the way back a cam follow broke
which I still haven't got around to replacing, but I will.

Volkswagen Crewcab Registry