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This is my 1971 Volkswagen Crewcab. I bought it for $800 several years ago. This is a picture of what it looked like the day I got it. I currently do not have a recent picture of it. As of now (September 11, 1999), my Crewcab has a 1776 with a Jocob's Omni Torque ignition, Total Seal rings, lightened flywheel, and unfortunately, a Ford filter. Damn Fords!!!! The rest of the engine has remained stock, i.e., 34 PICT-3 carburetor, heads (which won't last long). I plan on having a new pic of my Crewcab soon. Some custom things I plan on doing are, 16" Audi rims, Fubo antenna, lowered front beam, and rear disc brakes, and maybe an enjoyable stereo system.

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David McCudden
512 Goldsworthy Hall
Pullman, WA 99163
United States

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