Volkswagen Crewcab Registry

This page is dedicated to those who own Volkswagen Crewcabs or enjoy Volkswagen Crewcabs. It doesn't matter if your Crewcab is falling apart or garaged. All Crewcabs are the same, rare and fun!!!!

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I was checking out some of the webpages by VW of UK, and here are some pages that I thought were rather interesting. What do you think? Dopple Kabine

Want to check out current Volkswagen models from other contries? Here's the URL to help you get to your destination! Volkswagen Worldwide

E-mail me a picture of your Crewcab in JPEG format and give me a good discription on how you came upon it and the specs (enigine size, new parts, etc.). If you don't have a scanner, snail mail it to me, and I'll scan it for you. OR, if you already have a page for your Crewcab, send me the URL, and I'll add a link to it.

Want to find what your 67-79 Type 2 originally came from the factory with?

Erik Meltzer and Vincent Molenaar have created a list of M-codes for late model Buses listing almost all the original accessories that your Type 2 came with. From exterior paint color, all the way down to the Eberspacher gas heater. You can find this site by clicking here.

Updated as of October 25, 1999. Keep checking back, I hope to update every 4 weeks!

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Take a look at the product pull down box. There is some pretty neat info there. If you know of any products that you would like to see, please e-mail me the URL's.


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